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Serving the Chattanooga area since 2023


What we offer

Beach Windows & Detailing aims to provide a transparent service in more ways than one. By using innovative and efficient methods to clean your exterior glass, frames, and sills. Our cleaning service utilizes a water-fed pole system often found in corporate ran window washing services. The system will connect to any garden hose or spigot at the customer's address and using approximately half a gallon of water per minute, the system will run the water through a three-part filtering system. This process is entirely chemical free!

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What's the difference?

By utilizing a water-fed pole and Xero Pure purifying system, Beach Windows & Detailing can offer more competitive prices. Instead of using expensive chemicals on many windows, we can limit the use of a traditional bucket and squeegee method to areas of your home which demand more care such as a screened in porch. This pure water is used to gently scrub the frames and sills of your windows safely from the ground. By minimizing the use of a ladder, we offer more protection against paint chips, window cracks and scratches, and divots in your yard. Because "pure water" is completely free of solid matter, after scrubbing and rinsing your windows with a nylon and boar's hair brush, your windows are left streak and spot free with no squeeging required! This tool is a tremendous time saver, and offers a more advantageous clean of your windows, especially any that are out of arms reach. The pole operator washing your windows has been trained to properly handle the tool, and because there is no high-pressure water being sprayed on to the window your seals are protected from damage. Scrubbing the frames of the windows will remove the majority of oxidation which protects the longevity of your windows.

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